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About Us - Intelligent Design

About Us

We Care About Your Desires


We aim to create Inspiring Design, develop strategic thinking, deliver work that inspires great people to achieve outstanding results, meet our clients’ needs, and exceed their highest expectations through distinctive expertise- with the belief that when our clients succeed, we succeed.


Our job is to create an environment that is smart and seamless, offering purposeful design and value-added services to you. We specialize in providing hospitality environments that meet the varying needs of our clients, whether they are an individual or a large company. At the heart of Intelligent Design, we believe that designing is not a one dimensional process. This provides us with the opportunity to think outside the box and explore our creativity.

Client Service

Our clients' loyalty is acquired via consistent demonstrations of quality, service, value, and innovation. Our service delivery methodology ensures that each client achieves these goals in a consistent manner.

Performance & Efficiency

We remain true to our roots and deliver high quality and performance, while relentlessly pursuing efficiency through our operations and systems.

Environmental Observance

At ID, we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce and recycle waste, re-purpose materials from our sites, and minimize our fuel and electricity consumption.

Continuous Growth

Growth is vital to the ongoing success of Intelligent Design. We are looking for holistic growth that is profitable and sustainable, driven by disciplined activities and supported by strong governance, fit within the broader capabilities of our business.

Exceed Expectation:

Our clients' loyalty is acquired via consistent demonstrations of quality, service, value, and innovation. Our service delivery methodology ensures that each client achieves these goals in a consistent manner.

Performance & Efficiency

We endeavor to not just meet, but to exceed, our clients' expectations by providing superior solutions, meeting deadlines, outperforming industry standards, and staying in touch throughout the process.

Improve our Team

We recognise the diversity and contribution of our people so we support everyone to develop, learn and succeed.

Skilled Team

Intelligent Design is proud to have employees and contractors that are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective disciplines. Our wealth of experience in fit outs, refurbishment, property development, design and construction allows us to offer alternative ideas, more sustainable products and introduce clients to technological innovations that will make their space stand out from the rest.

Health & Safety First

We have put in place an absolute commitment to the health, safety, and security of our people, our customers, and the communities surrounding our operations.


ID & EFO takes pride in its experienced Executive Management and skilled workforce that tirelessly toils around the clock to deliver projects of the highest quality. Although ID was established only in 2016, its management and staff have a great track record in Qatar extending over 20 years. We are a team of creators and engineers dedicated to designing for real life, making it easy for people to dream, work and play.


Qatar is an aspiring nation that has many great ambitions in its future. As a member of the Qatar community, we want to contribute to Qatar's vision and development. Staying true to our “Taking Your Vision And Delivering An Experience” philosophy, we managed to transport our skills far beyond core engineering & construction into multiple wide-ranging verticals. This understanding of the end-to-end process brings a lot of value to our clients as we provide solutions that include structuring, architecture, interior, building management systems, and project delivery services. We strive to create comprehensive, innovative, and cost-effective architectural solutions and services that are aesthetically pleasing, architecturally unique, and socially functional.


Intelligent Design (ID) is not just a name or an advertisement, but a whole approach to achieve projects with an exceptional value. Our construction & fit out services reflect the principle of ID in a perfect combination between design, technology, art and philosophy. Our designs offer high quality byan advanced manufacturingtechnology made of high-qualitymaterials.Our client services extend fromconception to the completion ofindividual projects thanks toqualified experts who conceive,build and operate innovative solutions.